Thursday, August 12, 2010

If I had three wishes.... use before Winter. (Come on, if the Universe reads this and in fact grants my three wishes, I'd hate to find out later that because I wasn't specific on time frame, they won't be granted for years and they'd be the ONLY wishes I'd have for my whole lifetime!? This is just proper precaution people).

Ok, so three wishes, granted by Winter...GO!

Wish #1
Good to Go takes off. My parents have been busting their humps for almost 3 years now to get this amazing concept my dad dreamt up off the ground. They've been through more trials and tribulations than most and have persevered and stayed positive through the whole. damn. thing. They deserve it more than anyone I can think of and they've put forth so much blood, sweat, tears (and money!) that they've more than earned it. Even if I never see any windfall positives from it - I want it so badly for them. So, wish #1 - Good to Go comes to fruition.

Wish #2
We would sell our house. (yup, we're thinking of putting it back on the market - because it was so much fun the first time!). We're getting the moving bug again and since we learned how awesome it is to sell you're house in the Winter, we're going to try to get ahead of the game and have it on during the Summer / Fall time. And just to prove I'm not being too greedy with these wishes, I won't even ask that we can sell it for more than we listed last time...I'd be fine with that. (Though, just in case the Universe is listening - I also wouldn't complain with a few extra dollars thrown in for good measure....oh! and also quickly...) So greedy wish would be "we would sell our house for more than previously listed at, quickly, but definitely before Winter." However, I'll be over the moon happy if granted, "We would sell our house before Winter." (Just giving the Universe some wiggle room in case of possible upgrades).

Wish #3
We live in a house in Wauwatosa (in the Wauwatosa EAST High School District). (Are you sick of hearing me obsess over Tosa yet?!) In conjunction with the possibility of us selling our house I am once again back in full swing of obsessively and compulsively checking the MLS listings for Wauwatosa. We've got about 16 houses we're interested in (only via pictures - I'm sure we'll weed that down quite quickly once we actually see them in person) as well as one that's a much more likely situation. Again, not being greedy, just want to live in Wauwatosa...and no I'm not already thinking about school districts or where my 15 year old children will attend class, it's just that we want to live on the East side of Wauwatosa (to be closer to the city) so we're limiting it to that district since that encompasses our priority of area to live. If I were being greedy I would say "I wish we would live in a house in Wauwatosa, in the East school district, within walking distance to the Village or North Ave, with a fenced in yard, 2 car garage, and white crown molding." But since I'm not being greedy (and know most of those things can be added / changed) I'm leaving it at minimum wish, house in Tosa, East side of town.

So there you have it, God, Universe, Genie in a lamp, whoever wants to take me up on this one, I've now clearly outlined what I would do, should I be given three wishes to be granted before Winter...of 2010 (just covering the bases).

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