Tuesday, August 3, 2010

If I had a million dollars...

I don't want to be greedy, really I don't. But I can't help but think of a few things I would do with a million dollars.

Actually, in the spirit of NOT being greedy, I'll say, if I had $100k. That's less greedy for sure. I know they say money can't buy you happiness, and I know it can't buy you COMPLETE happiness. However, it can buy you things that can lead you to happiness. This I know. And because there's no such thing as free lunch - you need money to buy you things. (Okay, sometimes you can swing a free lunch, but I don't think you can swing a free house. Free car? Probably not.)

I should also mention that while I had a fabulous time in Minneapolis this past weekend, it may or may not have further reinforced this desire for $100k. Not that I would've turned it down before, but now I'm all, "I just NEED it."

So without further ado, my list of things I'd do right now w/ $100k or that I'd be able to do in the aftermath of getting $100k.
  • First - I'd take my parents on a vacation. God knows I owe those people buttloads of money - so if I magically came upon that much, I'd give some to them in the form of a trip so they couldn't spend it on boring things that they *have* to....as a down payment on what I owe them over the course of my life. And really, if anyone deserves a vacation - it's those two. (thanks Mom & Dad!)
  • Make my house sellable. It's a nice house, really it is. But I know there's somethings I could do to it to make it more attractive to buyers (namely, new appliances - my fridge is older than I am).
  • Sell my house. I'd be slightly more comfortable with lowering the cost of the house if I knew I had some back up money for purchase of new house.
  • Buy a house in Tosa. Okay - seriously. I've been talking about this for pretty much ever now. Just let me have a house okay? And if I can hand select it, we'd like the house on 84th & Stickney. Yes, the one I've been looking at the same 10 pictures of every day since Christian spotted it two weeks ago.
  • Pay off any and all loans and debts related to cars and school. Pretty self explanatory on that one.
  • Give Christian a handful of dollars so he can do what he sees fit with it. (*cough* buy a ring *cough*).
  • Save a nice little chunk of said $100k for any upcoming events in which we invite all of our friends and family, buy them dinner and then dance and drink. You know, just in case.
  • Put aside a smaller chunk of money labeled "Fly me to the Minneapolis." So that I can just hop a plane and see my MN friends any time I want without having to worry about how much a flight is or how long the drive is.
  • Finally, I'd go to Disney World. C hasn't been since he was a kid and I love that place so damn much I'm always down for a trip to Disney. But as I've learned, all that magic costs some serious bills - so when we decide on vacations, it's usually moved to the bottom of the list.
And then I'd save whatever is left so I can buy the occasional expensive pair of shoes, jeans that make my butt look great, hair cut and color and leg wax without having to think about if my mortgage goes unpaid. I mean, sometimes, in the heat of the moment, it's tough to decide if smooth legs, colored hair and a great ass is worth an unpaid mortgage! It'd be nice to not have to worry.*

*For those of you worrying that I may cause C and the girls to become homeless because I'm rocking great heels - fear not. I always err on the side of paying my bills, just sayin' SOMETIMES it's really hard to make that decision.

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