Wednesday, July 7, 2010

We're old, but we'll call it a success!

Well, the holiday weekend is officially over. As mentioned in my previous post, year seven of the tradition has now come and gone. Over the years we've become less focused on Summerfest and more focused on relaxing and enjoying the City of Milwaukee. Which we realized, even more so on our one outing to Summerfest, is a good thing.

Friday - due to the lead feet of the Elliott couple, the group made it down here earlier than expected, which was perfect as we weren't rushed at all for dinner. We got ready and made our trek down to EE Sane on the East Side. Contrary to the original plan, we did NOT trick Ben into ordering a 10 star, mostly because I have no poker face and couldn't keep from smiling / laughing. We did enjoy a delicious dinner (seriously, we had 6 apps for the 5 of us) with only minimal judging from the staff as to just HOW MUCH FOOD was at our table. (sidenote: C & I are almost ALWAYS judged for either food or alcohol consumption at various ethnic restaurants - Japanese, Thai, Indian - however, we RARELY have more than "normal" so we're not sure why.)

Following dinner we had a few drinks at Bollocks and Hi Hat - both great places to take guests. You have heard of my love for Bollocks I'll leave it at that.

Saturday we had plans of doing the riverboat brewery tour...then of just the brewery tour. However, we ended up with a nice little unplanned Saturday. We headed downtown to meet my parents for lunch and to watch Spain take on Portugal (maybe?) in the World Cup action. Oh! And we all got vuvuzelas and were EXTREMELY obnoxious with them for the remainder of lunch. Grand finale was a marching band parade on the sidewalk with the vuvuzelas.

Post-lunch we wanted to grab a few drinks and landed at this little gem...also now known as my favorite place in Milwaukee.

It's "The Yard" at the Iron Horse Hotel and it's every bit as wonderful and posh and comfortable as it looks. It was a beautiful day outside, so we cuddled up on a couch, took our shoes off and kicked back for a few rounds. Honestly, it was just wonderful and I can't wait to head back. The area is totally inviting, everyone is completely laid back and comfortable (we took direction from just about every other patron to remove shoes and put up feet). The waiter was accommodating and incredibly friendly. And while the drinks seemed a bit over priced, you couldn't argue the cost of the beer at all - and they had quite a selection, including a number of local brews. So while we didn't quite make the actual brewery tour, our guests were able to get down on some of the delicious local Brews the good ol' Miltown has to offer.

Honestly - this place was so good that if I thought more than just 5 people read my blog, I wouldn't post about it. We had no problem getting seating for 5 and I don't want too many people to know about it, they might start going and while I'm a nice person, I've never been very good at sharing.

And, because I'm a lazy blogger and need post ideas, I'm going to stretch this one out...I'll post Saturday Night / Sunday in the next one...

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