Thursday, July 15, 2010

"Reality" Television.

It's no secret that I love television in general. I know there are lots of those "I don't want TV" people out there. (I don't believe you, but go on). I enjoy watching television. After a long day of staring at a computer and thinking at work, I welcome the break with open arms. I learn a lot at my job. I'm pretty much learning every day. Each project brings new aspects I don't know about and given that I'm still relatively new, rarely does a day go by that I haven't learned something new about the company. So by the time I'm home and in sweatpants? I'm so. over. learning.

Sometimes I read, and I enjoy that too. But mostly, I like to turn on the tube and zone the eff out. Given my affinity to zoning, you shouldn't be terribly surprised that I enjoy me some trashy reality television. I realize most of the shows I love, whether "reality" or not, are based on real things. C has finally learned my imagination is relatively limited and fantasy type things generally don't intrigue me. Even the scripted shows I watch are based on real life things. I like things to either be entirely real or so bat shit crazy they could never happen. Things that blur that line drive me crazy. (Hello, LOST. I'm talking to you. Plane crash? Totally real. Smoke Monster? WTF.)

So anyways, for those of you "I don't watch TV" people, the wonderfully trashy MTV drama The Hills had its series finale this week. (I know, high school girls everywhere wept). As I've mentioned before (gah, talk about The Hills much - I'm embarrassed that I can accurately say I've mentioned the show before), I followed the first 2 seasons pretty closely, fell off the wagon, then jumped back on for the end of this season.

Anyway - the finale. The final moments of the show were fantastic. There's this big goodbye scene between the two characters who were lovers, then friends, then friends who did it, then enemies, then friends. As she drives off in her limo to move to Europe he's standing "outside of her apartment" with the Hollywood sign behind the camera pulls away from him they pull the backdrop away too. And the whole damn thing is a set. She pulls back around in the car and they hug and all the crew claps.

Holy eff! Loves it. I thoroughly enjoyed that they poked fun at the fact that it's a "reality" show. It was just fantastic. I am proud to say that though I love reality tv, I am totally aware that it's anything but real. There's much more time spent editing the scenes to look the way they want. Seriously, after editing, they're more scripted and manipulated than non-reality television. And while I love it and enjoy it and watch it like someones' paying me to...I still know at the end of the day, there is no such thing as reality television. It's based on reality, maybe. But if you want reality entertainment, you're going to have to live it in real life!

So props to The Hills for throwing that in there at the end, a handy little reminder that it's still Hollywood in the end!

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