Thursday, July 22, 2010

Holy Busy Batman.

Seriously, I know I already went on about how this Summer has been ridiculously full of plans. Well after my cousin's (beautiful) wedding last weekend, we thought we were rounding the curve to the land of no plans.

There was a detour on said curve and this week through me right into Busytown.
(Side note: it wasn't until after I typed that and then read, "Busytown" that I remembered that's an actual thing. Well, as actual as a fictitious story book about a town of animals can be. Remember The Busy World of Richard Scarry? I used to LOVE trying to find Goldbug. Too cute.
Anyway. I'm totally all Hills Hollywood this week and have had a dinner date almost every single night!

Tuesday I got to enjoy the company of my three favorite cheerleaders ever. (I'm no longer coaching so I can openly admit to having favorites). To be fair, they started as favorites because they're the class that I coached my "freshman" year coaching. It was me and 12 freshman girls with not a clue in the world of what we were doing. Special, no? Anyway, they graduated (sniff, sniff...and also, I'm getting old) and are slowly starting to scatter across the country. Two of the three faves, a set of twins who I love dearly and who are so crazy talented they earned themselves scholarships to West Georgia where they'll be the rock stars of the all-girl squad, will be moving tomorrow. So we decided it was necessary to have the four of us grab dinner before they began their big Southern Adventure. We made our way to PF Changs (I always think of Michael Scott in the office when he goes to Sbarro - his favorite local pizza shop - when I go to PF Changs - there's a buttload of authentic Chinese restaurants, but dammit that chain has done alright for themselves!) per their request and had a great time.

I got to reminisce about the exciting times of embarking into the great wide open. That intoxicating combination of fear and excitement you really only get to experience once in your life as you first move away from home and live life on your own. There's plenty of other scary / exciting times in life, but none quite so life altering as that first big move. I'm excited to see them set out on this crazy time in life and can't wait to hear all the stories of debauchery that go along with it.

Yesterday, my former roommate and the one who taught me about the Random Makeout Game in college was in town for work. She's a scientist and occasionally Science graciously brings her to a Hospital in Milwaukee (or the surrounding parts). She requested somewhere with good drinks and outdoor seating. I've tried the other members of the Sorge Restaurant family (and LOVE them) so I found this a perfect opportunity to check out Swig.

It was gorgeous outside and we enjoyed some of their good drinks and great outdoor seating. As usual the service was great (although our waiter was, admittedly, a bit on the creepy side...just too animated for our tastes). Food was delicious. I had one of the best dishes I've had in a while - a pan seared beef tenderloin with sun dried tomatoes, mushrooms, and asparagus served over a bed of fettuccine Alfredo. Seriously - so delicious. The portion was perfectly sized, just enough with out leaving me feeling grossly full at the end.

We had riveting conversation as usual. Gossip, predictions and memories of the past. Came to the consensus that even though we're ONLY in our 20's (see what I did there Rebecca?) we are substantially less party people than we used to be...and that that might not be a bad thing. Wrapped up college as somewhat shameful but still incredibly entertaining.

Tonight I will be dining with my besties in celebration of one Miss Siobhan's 26th birthday. I know it's her birthday, but I'm pretty happy to celebrate the birth of such a wonderful friend and sweet person. Seriously, you can just go ahead an be jealous now if you don't know her. She's the sweetest person I've ever met, WAY nicer than I am. We'll be dining at Cempazuchi which makes me almost as happy as Siobhan does!

Whew - whirlwind of events this week. I could totally be a reality tv star with this kind of schedule!

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