Thursday, July 8, 2010

Gawd, for real?

Sometimes I think I'm a pretty grounded individual...other times I wonder if maybe I'm a wee bit spoiled. I also think (unfortunately, seriously, unfortunately) outside entertainment increases or decreases my groundedness based on how frequently I'm entertained by said external force.

For example, I recently (again, totally unfortunately and something I do NOT proudly claim) have gotten sucked back into The Hills. I avoided it for the last 2 seasons, feeling as though I had finally risen above it and that I was "better than The Hills." Damn you, MTV! There was a marathon on the other day (that's how they ALWAYS get you, if you see the same show on the guide for the entire afternoon? RUN FOR THE HILLS! - ha, pun intended. But seriously, you'll end up elbow deep in the chip bag wondering to yourself, "when the hell did it get dark outside?!") and I got totally sucked in. And of course now I'm totally back to DVR'ing every episode and feeling the need to know what's going on in these people's lives at any given moment. Seriously, WHY DO I LIKE KRISTIN!?

(On a side note: the first time I saw Laguna Beach - also marathon style - I went to Target when it was over...AT 10:00 P.M.!?! and JUST made it inside so I could buy the next season in order to immediately know what was coming next! Sad, I know...judge away, you totally deserve to).

ANYWAY, wow. Where I was going with this is that when I watch shows like The Hills (and also Bethenny Getting Married, which I've also recently gotten sucked into via marathon) I either go one way or the other. I either think, "Dear lord these bitches be crazy. Who do they think they are and why are they so damn spoiled?!" or I'm all, "But Daddy, I want it NOW!"

So this morning, I had to take my new baby in because her windshield wiper motor is broken (yeah, it's about as fun as it sounds). So I got a loaner car. This is round #2 for taking her in for this problem. Last time I got a (shitty) loaner car. Of course I thought it was shitty. I had just bought a practically brand new, low mileage, beauty and within a few days had her ripped from my grips to go in an older, crappier, smaller car. (I understand people in Timbuktu would KILL for a bag of rice and I should appreciate what I have, but it's all relative people). So today I went and took her in for the actual surgery and I got an even. shittier. car. And I don't necessarily mean shitty vehicle, it's shitty because the air conditioning does. not. work. AT ALL. And I don't know if you noticed but it's HOT AS BALLS outside and the humidity is bonkers.

Seriously, I walked into work this morning, face sweaty and hair a hot mess. Because I DROVE TO WORK.

And then I was thinking, "Am I being a diva right now?!" Thank you Kristin & Bethenny, you've got me doubting my logical sound mind.

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