Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Don't leave me summer!!

Oh my goodness, summer is just flying by! I can't even begin to believe, nor accept, that we are almost half way through July. (Although, I am a bit of an over-exaggerator, as I was saying the same thing back on, like, July 6th).

Seriously though, July has been jam packed from the start and shows very little signs of slowing down. This makes me both excited and anxious! I can't wait for all the fun, but each time an event passes, I'm all, "that was wonderful! And now it's over?"

July comes to a head at the end with a trip to up to the cities to see those kids we love up there so much - I'm greatly looking forward to this. This trip is seriously stacked with good things. Including but not limited to:
  • Dinner at a Thai / Sushi combination restaurant (yes, please! two of my favorite ethnic cuisines!)
  • a partial pub crawl through campus bars (appropriately named, "Old Balls Pub Crawl" as it's a bunch of alumni storming the campus),
  • a housewarming party for my favorite home-owning married couple,
  • a Twins game (I'm not excited to watch the twins, but am excited to attend a game at the new stadium)
  • brunch with one of my favorite recent parentals so I can meet their adorable little boy
  • time w/ my favorite person in the whole world, the BF.
Looks like it's shaping up quite well. Pretty freakin' stoked if I do say so myself.

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