Thursday, June 3, 2010

Wick it, Wick it Good.

So now that I've become a spinning machine...and I've consecutively worked out at least 3 days a week for the last 3 weeks I decided last weekend to peruse the workout clothes at Target. Usually, I'm all, "Gee I only have about 473 t-shirts from high school and college...why would I wear anything than one of those?!" But I realized, after sweating my ass off...and fearing spontaneous (or rather completely warranted and expected) combustion...I should look into more functional work out gear. I mean sure, that Omega Man t-shirt does the trick (the trick being helping me NOT be naked at the gym), but there are actually clothes out there that do more than just cover the goods!

Enter my new wicking t-shirt. (Kind of sounds like wicken t-shirt...which I bet would also do more than just keep me covered, but I'd be a little scared of what a witch t-shirt might do...just sayin').
If I'm being entirely honest, I actually bought the shirt because it was on sale...for $6. I mean, yeah, I was drawn in by the clearance rack sign...but I was even more excited when it was in fact one of the fully functional t-shirts I was hoping for. So I bought 2, this one and one in a nice blue color (totally brings out the blue in my eyes...not that it matters in a semi-dark spin room).

So here's the does in fact keep me dryer and cooler. And I am 97% sure it's not just a placebo thing happening. And I'm quite happy that it does that. However, it does something even cooler. It makes sweat show up on my shirt! If you recall from last week - I LIKE sweating. I like it looking like I just did some serious work. And I think because this wicks the moisture away from your body, the sweat sticks to the shirt and I ACTUALLY HAVE SWEAT MARKS when I'm done!? Who knew aside from keeping me dryer and cooler, this fancy & functional $6 shirt would also make me so much more of a hardcore exerciser!?

I totally went back and bought 3 more. Guilty as charged.

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