Friday, June 4, 2010

Well Trained.

I realized something today while in a meeting. My Blackberry has trained me. And quite well actually.

I have otherwise relatively poor eyesight, but I swear, I can see that little flashing light in the corner from across the room. And personally, I can't stand to see the thing flash more than a couple times. I have been totally trained to immediately attend to whatever notification is creating the flashing. I don't even necessarily have to read or respond to it right away - but I CANNOT let that flashing continue. (I'm talking like an overwhelming NEED to make the flashing stop. MUST. STOP. THE. FLASHING!)

Let's completely pass two segments of this conversation (yes, I am the only one talking...but when you read this, it's kind of like a conversation...right? Just play along...) First, yeah yeah yeah, I'm totally addicted to my "crackberry" and I like to have it on me at all times. Have I come close to getting hit by a car because I've been scrolling through e-mails or texts? Probably, hard to know when you're nose-to-the-screen involved w/ your crackberry. (Side note: I love the little scroll ball...quite honestly my most favorite part of my phone). Secondly, yeah, I know, iphones are better. They can do about a billion things my phone can't. And the 5 things my phone can do? It does them at an incredibly slower rate than the iphone. But do you know what my phone has that yours doesn't? Buttons. And until the iphone has a physical keyboard, I refuse to drink the kool-aid. (Side note -again-: I had a touch screen once...and sometimes, like when I'm walking down a street and / or trying to be discrete a touch screen makes texting hard. Oh, and I hate when the sensor doesn't know what I'm trying to type / click. Buttons make that easier).

So anyways...back to the flashing. Essentially everyone and their mother at my place of employment has switched over to Blackberrys. Including everyone on my team. So when we have our bi-weekly Wednesday meetings (or our weekly Monday meetings, or our Monthly other Monday meetings...get the drift?) everyone brings their phone in case of an emergency call (because as much as you might not believe it, what with me being on a proposal development team, we get a fair number of emergency calls. Emergency is a very openly interpreted word, I've learned).

So given the fact that a) everyone and their mother has a BB here, and b) I nearly have a panic attack when there's flashing lights. You can probably deduct c) it is impossible for me to focus in a meeting because all I can see / think about is that person sitting 5 chairs down from me who's BB is blinking constantly!!

I know, right?

Also, I know, first world problem, starving children in Africa, etc. It's all relative people, and this just happens to be today's pet peeve I've chosen to share with you.

Oh, and finally - Rebecca I am trying to save you from suffocation from lack of JT posts by upping my blogging by like 135%. Working??

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  1. 1. I completely agree about the buttons. I have to get a new phone if I take the new job, and John wants me to get an iphone so I told him to screw off until it has a keyboard (I'm very passionate about my hate for the iphone's lack of keyboard).
    2. You're blogging has saved me. You just have to keep it up until July 16th!