Friday, June 11, 2010

That's totally random.

(Give yourself 2 cool points if this blog title made you think of J'amie from Summer Heights High. If you didn't think of that, give yourself -3 cool points, go to netflix and get Summer Heights High. Go ahead, do it now. This post will still be here when you're done).

It's Friday, I'm tired and can't really string together a coherent post so this is going to be a list of things. Take it or leave it. I'm mostly just blogging to keep Rebecca breathing at this point.

I'm frustrated about the whole WW debacle currently going on. I'm eating well and working out 5 times a week and not losing. That's hwy I haven't posted anything about it. So there's that.

I did wake up at 5:20 yesterday so I could get in my spin class as I knew I had things to do after work - I was / am DAMN proud about that.

I still feel much better than I did before, so there's also that.

Even though I've had 2 consecutive 4 day weeks, I'm so glad it's Friday!

I went to school yesterday and I really liked it. I think I'd like to take more random (J'amie, again) Continuing Ed classes...about whatever I want!

I got a new Blackberry for my work now I have 2 Blackberrys (get over it spell check, that's how I want to say that!) which I'm beginning to think might be one too many. (Still wish I had an iphone, but only if said iphone had a keyboard).

My last spin class was w/ an instructor who told us a bunch of random (do it, give yourself another 2 cool points) stories as we spun to keep us distracted. Totally worked. The class flew by. The class at 5:45 a.m. (yup, still proud). Even if one story included 5 minutes dedicated to the different types of pianos his daughter plays. Whatev, just keep talking and I'll listen I guess.

And finally - the girls are doing well! We continue to make progress (that is progress from open mouthed lunging towards Gracie on Bella's part towards ability to sit w/in inches of each other and just sniff...even if it is a limited amount of time they can do so). However, we have been telling Bella that Gracie is not a TOY. (She knows the general word toy and if you tell her to bring a toy, if she can't find her favorite toy - Kong - she'll find something else she's allowed to have and bring it to you). This lesson is difficult to drive home when Gracie enjoys laying IN BELLA'S TOY BIN. Gracie, I can only help you so much.

Now go watch Summer Heights High. You won't regret it.

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