Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New Toy!

For those who don't know me in person, or who know me but have never seen me make decisions, I'll be the first to tell you, the way I make decisions is back assward.

Seriously - I nearly convulse when it comes time to decide what to order from a menu and have a minor panic attack once I've made a choice and submitted my order. Ask me to decide what we're having for dinner and it's as if you've asked me cure world hunger.

However, when it comes to large purchases, I am cool as a cucumber. I make my choice and proceed with ease. Seriously. Take for example, purchasing a house. I did some minor research via the interwebs, found a few places I thought I'd like and made some appointments for a Saturday to go and look at them. In the mean time, on Thursday I found a place I also thought I'd enjoy and the owner was available for me to take a peek that evening. By the time Saturday rolled around I had to cancel my appointments to look at the rest because I had already made an offer on the ONE HOUSE I had looked at. Just like that, liked it, loved it, bought it.

So it really came as no surprise to anyone when, on Friday, I bought this little lady!

I have driven my beloved Libby (my Jeep Liberty) since sophomore year of college. She has been very good to me and we've had some great times along the way. However, all those great times added up to 193k miles on her ol' spedometer, brakes in need of work and (as of last week) a broke down air conditioner.

It came time for me to decide to drive her til she died, or try to get a few pennies out of her. I had hemmed and hawed (for all of 24 hours), consulted my dad (who said get a new one) and decided Friday afternoon I'd go take a peek to see what's out there.

The rest of the afternoon went like this:

3:00 Peruse a few lots at Dealerships
3:30 Visit Carmax and see this little lady smiling at me (first one I saw on their lot).

3:35 Test drive. Love her.
3:45 Financial chit chat.
4:30 Go home, clean out Libby for possible trade in & think about how much I love that car.
5:00 Sit and home and think more.
5:30 Go back and buy the damn thing!
9:00 Drive off in my new set of wheels! (there were some snags along the way...)

And no one was the least bit surprised. In fact, my mom's response was, "I'm impressed you made it til Christian got home at 5:00 to buy it."

So - while it takes me FOREVER and a day to make small (and what some would call "meaningless" decisions), the big ones, I know what I want and I get it.

I love her, she's fantastic. I haven't decided on a name for her yet - she's a 2008 Saturn Vue. (Not much I can do w/ either Saturn or Vue - not as easy as Libby at least).

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