Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lucky Number 7

This weekend, on top of being the celebration of our country's independence, is also a big weekend for me and a certain group of Minnesotans.

Backstory: Though I'm slowly coming down from it and entering recovery from my obsession, for a while there, I was very much so OBSESSED with Summerfest. I should note, that while I'm becoming less obsessed with it, I still go every year. Have since I was 6 months old...haven't missed a year in 27. However, back in the day, when I had less responsibilities and more expendable income, I spent 3 years without missing a single day. 11 days straight. Ridic. So, summer after sophomore year of college, I am living with a few of my sorority sisters and I convince them that they'd be batshit crazy to miss out on coming back to the good ol' MKE with me for the party to put all frat parties to shame. They came, they saw, and they've been coming back for the last 7 years.

Every year, since that first voyage to the Good Land (5 cool points for knowing the movie reference), they come on down to Mil-a-wau-kay at some point during the festivities. It's become quite the standing tradition and it makes my heart smile.

We've got some good activities planned for this weekend. They arrive on Friday and leave on Monday and in between those days we've got the following planned:
  • Dinner at EE Sane (best Thai in MKE)
  • Drinks at Cuvee (Cute little champagne lounge)
  • Riverboat Brewery Tour (how much more Milwaukee can we get here?)
  • Dinner at Cubanitas (oh. my. delicious Cuban food)
Sunday, the entirety of Sunday will be spent at the Casa de Nikolas. There will be pool lying, drink dranking, delicious smoked meat eating. And as a somewhat newer tradition, Stevie will again mow a bocce ball course into the front yard and we will again enter the epic battle of Men vs. Women Bocce Ball competition.

I'm so damn excited for this weekend I can hardly stand it. And it's only Wednesday!?

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