Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Here's our new furkid. She's 2.7 pounds of fury and is a little pistol. We went to the Humane Society on Sunday just to peek. We've been talking about getting a kitten for a while now and decided we'd check it out.

We had been partial to getting a male kitten so we checked out this little gray boy named Graham. While he was cute, he was also extremely scared...of just about everything. And given we have Bella at home, we knew we needed to bring home something with a little less fear and a little more spunk if we wanted to keep both furry children alive.

So we took a peek at the females they had...and found this beautiful bundle of fur.

She's about two months old and was brought in as a stray. We filled out the application on Sunday and picked her up yesterday. Throughout the afternoon / evening we spent some time introducing Bella to her. And let me say, right off the bat, Bella did MUCH better than I ever imagined she would. And Gracie was fearless - which is exactly what I was hoping for.

However, we have made progress from Day One. Day One: Bella would LUNGE at Gracie whenever she moved (and she moves quick...and OFTEN). It wasn't a growling lunge...but it was definitely a mouth open "let me play with my new toy!" lunge.

This morning when we let the girls play together, they were much improved. Instead of lunging Bella would slowly (or as slow as Bella is capable of moving when very excited) walk up to Gracie and sniff her. She even licked her a few times. I think she knows now that it's another living thing and NOT a remote controlled toy. They even sat nicely enough to grab this picture (and it's only with minimal restraint to Bella!)

My big hope is that they'll eventually be friends. I would literally melt from the inside if I ever saw them snuggling together. But in the mean time - at the very least, I'm about 99% sure they won't kill each other. I'll take what I can get for now!*

*We are being responsible pet owners and until we're 100% sure they won't eat each other they are kept separate whenever not under constant supervision. Right now Bella essentially has supervised visitation rights.

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