Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Back to school.

Sort of. Okay, just for a day.

Next Thursday I'm headed back to school. Given that I write for a living now, I figured I should sort of refresh my writing skills. So here's the mini-scoop. I was hired to do data entry about a year ago. I did about a week's worth of data entry when I was handed a Request for a Proposal and was asked to help create a proposal. So fast forward to a year later, I'm flying solo and helping to manage the proposal process. I'm essentially creating the proposals (with the help of my teams who are providing information). The thing is, the information I receive isn't always written correctly. And quite frankly, the information I create isn't always written correctly.

This is for a few reasons. A) I haven't taken a formal writing course since Freshman year of college and while I got an A in that class, I'm fairly certain it's because my high school English classes hadn't worn off yet. B) The only writing I did for the last, oh 5+ years, has been blogging, e-mailing, and texting. None of those have really helped maintain fine writing skills.

So to recap:

Job involving lots of writing & editing - any recollection of formal writing skills =
me going back to school

I'm taking Business Writing Nuts & Bolts through the UWM School of Continuing Education. And you can bet your ass I'll be taking a trip to Office Max in the mean time for new school supplies (the thought alone brings a smile to my face!)

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