Thursday, May 6, 2010


Yesterday, because we have one person that comes from Hispanic roots, our boss decided we should celebrate Cinco de Mayo. So instead of spending hour two of our usual bi-weekly meeting in a conference room, we did so at a bar. So there I was, drinking with my co-workers. (Scary, I know. Especially when, among many other side effects, alcohol greatly lessens what little filter I have on thoughts turning into words).

We got on the topic of how everyone met their current date / boyfriend / man friend / husband / etc. Which then led to the conversation about marriage and when we’ll all get married, when the married ones got married…you get the drift. (Doesn’t it seem like once you hit 25 everyone is super curious as to when you’ll have rock-laced fingers?!)

I figured we were on track for the same ol’ conversation about being married…yadda yadda. Then one of my co-workers said something so thought provoking I am still thinking about it almost 24 hours later. I think it just might be one of best nuggets of relationship advice I’ve been given.

There are some days where you have to decide you love that person.

She was referring to being married. And then did add on, that when you have kids, you have a few more days where you have to decide that. But I think it’s pretty applicable to being in a serious relationship in general.

It may sound harsh at first but it’s my favorite kind of relationship advice. It’s legit. It’s not sugar coated. It’s not rainbows and butterflies. It’s like a relationship.

There are days where life is hard. Days where work sucked, traffic was heavy, dishes aren’t done, house is a mess, dog crapped on the floor (what? Oh, that’s just my house?) Days where it’s not rainbows and butterflies. Days where you have to actively choose to love that person. And in thinking about those days, by the end of them, you know you’ve made the right choice. It might not always come naturally. But when it’s the right person – you can always decide to love them and make it happen.

Pretty good advice if ya ask me.

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