Friday, February 26, 2010

You did it!

All four of the readers of my blog must've crossed their fingers and toes REAL tight.

The people who came to look at the house last Saturday (and almost got a peep show minus the person) are VERY interested in the house!

Here's where you need to keep crossing though...turns out their dog is not fat. Their dog is a boxer. And while it's a pup right now - they're imagining that he's going to get big. Perhaps bigger than the 55 pound limit the condo association allows (damn you Condo Association!? So help me, if you ruin this for me!!!!) I've assured them that they do not come around and weigh your dog, that lots of other larger size dogs live in the neighborhood. I've done so about 25 times via my Realtor (though I'm pretty sure he's only told them 1 out of every 10 times I tell him). What I really want to say is, "the association?! Those crazy kooks?! Ignore those screwballs, they've got much bigger issues to worry whether or not you're planting FLOWERS in your dirt out front!" But I haven't quite yet, I mean, I want the people to buy my house, not run as far away from the crazy condo association as possible (and after all, I've learned if you just ignore them, it works out quite well...oh ignore and possibly threaten a cranky old man while waving condo bylaws from time to time). Also - if I can lie about my weight on my drivers license (don't act like you didn't), you can TOTALLY lie about the weight of your dog. I mean no one's ever called me out on that (I would immediately punch the face of whoever tried to though...seriously).

Let me tell you why this is meant to be for two reasons. One, Christian and I already have Boxer picked out in our heads. We've named him, we've imagined him playing with Bella, we practically have an imaginary Boxer right now. Max essentially lives with us in spirit and we're just waiting til we get a house w/ a yard that is fenced in for Max to be a reality. But even MORE meant to be w/ this whole Boxer thing. John, the guy who I bought the house from, had a boxer. And he didn't get kicked out of the association! (Sounds like the Skulls doesn't it? Like it's a secret society they can vote you out of...wait, that's a sorority! OMG, I was totally basically in the skulls...I know, awesome).

So keep on crossin' those fingers and toes!!!

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