Tuesday, February 16, 2010

So much to say, so little being posted.

I have a lot to post but haven't figured out the format until just now. There's two main topics. Home Improvement & Eating.

For today - home improvement. I have been putting off this post because I wanted pictures to accompany it, but by the time I get home, I forget I have to charge my camera battery and therefore can't take pictures. So I'll post now and hope my memory improves tonight so I can have pictures tomorrow!

Saturday, Christian had to work until 4 and when he got home we went to church and then to Home Depot. Now while this may sound like a boring start to a Saturday night to most people. I was in domestic bliss! First things first, I LOVE Home Depot. It's a close race between that and Office Max. I could seriously do some damage at both places. Luckily, I had Christian (the voice of reason) in tow to convince me that it probably wasn't the right time for new appliances...and cupboards...and flooring.

Instead, we picked up a few things that created minor damage to the pocket book and major improvement to the house! I've been wanting to paint my bedroom & upstairs bathroom for a while now. I'm hooked on HGTV and if I've learned anything, neutral calming colors help sell the house! Also - I have never had hardware on my kitchen cabinets! So we grabbed some adorable knobs for the cupboards and drawers. Finally, I've had a wooden toilet seat in my upstairs bathroom for the last 4 years. I despise that toilet seat. It's a total bachelor pad / up north cottage feel. Did you know toilet seats only cost like $6?! I had no idea (for some reason I thought they'd be super expensive - which then can be if you shell out for the one w/ the whisper close technology - which Christian was very interested in).

I'm happy to say these minor improvements really did make a big difference. I'm obsessed w/ the new color in the bedroom and quite pleased as I do psych myself out when picking from those itty bitty swatches knowing they'll soon cover ALL THE WALLS. I know you can buy sample jars & all that jazz, but really, who has the patience for that?!

I'll do my best to have a memory when I get home and snap some pictures.

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