Tuesday, February 2, 2010

No title.

This post isn't getting a title because I can't think of squad in the creativity department today. In fact, I'm surprised I'm even writing a post - but I'm trying to keep up with it more often, you know for the 3 fans I have out there!

Just a little update...

My house is still on the market. So far a whopping TWO people have come to look at it. I swear my house is really awesome. I'm hoping it's the season that's making things slow (yes, I'm aware, winter = worst time to sell a house. Especially if said house is in WI). So we just keep rolling with the punches here. I've decided (after countless hours of HGTV and the constant desire to copy what I see on TV), to make some minor cosmetic changes to the place that will really up the WOW factor in showings but will be minimal on my checking account (thank you Sabrina!).

My plan for the next month (read: whenever there's a weekend that miraculously me, Christian, AND my parents are all free) is as follows:
  • Paint the master bedroom (I've already chosen a nice neutral color that will look both clean and inviting while simple enough to be applicable to all interested parties).
  • Paint the upstairs bathroom (again, neutral, clean, welcoming, screams "buy this house!")
  • Add hardware to the kitchen cabinets & drawers (currently there is none. It's never really bothered me, but I know it'll be a nice little touch).
  • Change out light switch plates
Additional aspirations include:
  • Replacing the kitchen counter tops (we're not talking granite here people, just something a little more visually pleasing than the slightly grey, slightly white, slightly creme laminate I'm rocking right now).
  • Replacing sink / vanity in the downstairs bathroom
Cost overrides schedule on the additional aspirations. In fact, as soon as I know the answer to the following equation, I'll know how possible they are.

Income Tax Returns - Property Tax Payments = ???

Should this be a significantly positive equation, those will be soon to follow.

I'll try to take some sweet Before / After pics of the process (that is my FAVORITE part of HGTV).

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