Monday, February 1, 2010

And the Grammy goes to...

Since no one else in the world will be providing their thoughts on the show last night, I thought I'd add my two cents (read w/ heavy sarcasm). And no - this isn't a recap on who wore what. Because that recap is always the same. There's a tad of "damn she looked good" and a whole lot of "who the hell told you that looked good?"

I usually don't watch many of the awards shows - never really got into them. However, everything else that's on Sunday nights Christian and I watch together and since he had to work, I had to stay away from the DVR. (Of course the obvious exception, Keep Up w/ the Kardashians, yeah go ahead judge all you want - you know you've caught a few minutes of it at least once!)

  • Swiftly sweeping Awards. I'm not sure why everyone hates Taylor Swift. Do I think she's the most talented musician in the world? No. However, am I CONSTANTLY impressed that she's freaking EIGHTEEN YEARS OLD?! Yeah, quite often. We loved the shit out of Brittany back in the day and she could hardly sing, someone else's songs, played on instruments by OTHER PEOPLE. I am always supportive when Taylor wins because let's face it - she's doing MUCH bigger things than I was at her age. And she wrote her album. WROTE it. And she plays the tracks behind the words. That takes talent, I don't care if you don't enjoy the music she makes, that takes talent. Also - never underestimate the power of 12-18 year old girls. Sing a song they can relate to and you'll be DAMN successful. Even more so, if you happen to fall into said category.
  • NOT gaga over that Lady. Damn you Lady Gaga. Freaking psycho has LITERALLY shown up in nightmares of mine. (Seriously, after she wore that freaking red lace thing & that lion mane, I actually awoke form sleep due to the image of her in my mind). And - who was the poor sap who had to sit behind her heinous hat? Also - you're not as cool as you think you are. That is all.
  • I wish I could Be-yonce. Seriously?! What cant' she do? She grabbed her crotch (and somehow made it look hot), belted out a slow powerful tune, and then rocked out Alanis Morrisette (and made it sound believable!) Plus - hello?! Her & Jay? Between the two of them, there's very little they haven't done. And on top of it - they both seem so real I'd like to have couples dinner parties with them.
  • Zac Brown Band. Whether you hate country or love it - the harmony those boys bust out is fantastic. And tell me those weren't some CRAZY guitar skills? So happy they were able to win - again, I support those who are TALENTED musicians.
  • Little Colbert. Clearly you have not inherited your father's acting skills or comedic timing. I was going to throw the remote at the TV if they wasted another 5 seconds panning to her totally unbelievable faces when asked if her dad was cool. No shit he's cool. Would you be at the Grammy awards if it wasn't for him?! Didn't think so.
  • sPINKler. Damn. Rock it girl. If I had a body like that chances are I'd be trying to fly above large crowds like a hot human sprinkler too.
  • Good to be King(s). If the Grammy awards were decided by who provided the soundtrack to my summer / most listened to song at loud volumes with the window down on repeat - best song category would've ended the same way. I heart Kings of Leon and ESPECIALLY that song.
  • Oh Em Green. I was so OMG Ponies during Green Day's performance w/ the cast of their new Broadway Show. I love Green Day and am so a sucker for a edgy Broadway play!
I'm sure there's a ton more that I can't remember pissed me off, made me laugh, or evoked some other kind of emotion from me. But for now I think that's a pretty comprehensive overview.

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