Tuesday, October 20, 2009

He's got a way with words

Often my dad greatly underestimates his way with words. He thinks he's a horrible writer and does a terrible job of conveying what he's feeling. Given the number of times an e-mail or letter from my dad has moved me to tears, I beg to differ.

Yesterday I was in a funk - a crap day for no reason at all. I realized that the people in my life, my people, make me smile and turn my day around without doing anything at all. Just knowing I have them in my life and that they are a part of who I am, made me smile and turn my day around.

My dad e-mailed me and in this incredible e-mail which gave today, my "new" day, a fantastic new start, he threw in this great, amazing quote, which I will add to the words of wisdom he's given me in the past.

"Love isn't always a verb requiring action, or reaction. It can also be a noun. A person, place or thing. Your people being there for you without action, is love."

Love it. :)

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