Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pictures by Chris Howard

One of my favorite things about Sae & Jeremy getting married so far was seeing the incredibly awesome engagement pictures they had taken. One of Jeremy's fraternity brothers, who's also a close friend to Sae now, and also a friend of mine (Christian says you can play a way more entertaining game of 6 degrees from Greek Row w/ me and my MN friends), Chris Howard went out w/ them and took some absolutely amazing pictures. He really did capture Sae and Jeremy and how great they are together. It was the most perfect set of engagement pictures the two of them could have had taken.
In the last couple years I've gotten really intrigued by photography. I read a few photographer's blogs and follow them through the various engagement sessions, wedding pics, and baby's first pictures. I've found the best ones tell a story. It's not one snapshot of two people, it tells a story of who they are, where they came from, and why they're together. I actually shed a few tears (I know, shocking, I cried) when I paged through their album of pictures Chris took. Here's a couple more - he really did get all sides of Sae & Jeremy.
This one by the tree is sheer brilliance. I love that you can hardly see them, but they're there. See? It tells a story. Love it.

So anyways, then I started checking out some other pictures he had taken (because that's how I am. I'm a pretty good Internet researcher - that whole "public facebook profile being like Christmas day...562 pictures, don't mind if I do?"...that's totally me).

Here's a few more he's taken over the last couple years. It's pretty amazing to me. I can't believe what a talented photographer he has become. If you're in the MPLS area - you should REALLY consider him taking whatever pictures you need taken. He's got the gift people!

Congrats on becoming so damn talented Chris Howard. I'm impressed. And I've cried over pictures of strangers - which in my book, makes you a pretty good photographer!

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