Monday, September 28, 2009

One whole year.

In other non-related wedding news.

The BF & I celebrated our one year anniversary this weekend. For the last few months I've been referring to the day as when we hit "One whole year." This is for two reasons. One, I have yet to be in a relationship that cracks the 2 year mark (I've dated some real winners (read: losers) in my time who have expired long before the 2 year mark) and two, I can't believe it's been a year because the time literally flew by. I can't hardly remember life before him, but I can't believe it's been 12 months since we first started dating.

But regardless, it has been one whole year. We've dated for 12 months. 365 days. I can't imagine how different the last 365 days would've been without him and can't wait for the next 365.

For our 6 month anniversary, we went on an amazing gondola ride around a beautiful resort in Phoenix. It was a surprise, incredibly romantic and just a wonderful evening all together.

On the day of our one year, we woke up and went to Buffalo Wild Wings to catch some of the college football games and get our lunch on. It may sound strange, but BWW really has a special place in my heart in regards to this relationship. We've had a lot of meals together there, we always sit in the same booth and order almost always the same thing. It may not sound romantic, but BWW has provided me with a ton of happy memories in the past 365.

After lunch we did a Target run. Again, you might not think it gets the sparks going, but for me it does. I always tell him one of my favorite things to do w/ him is run errands. I love having him incorporated into daily life. To me that's the special part. I like Target a lot more when I get to go with him...this time was no different.

Following Target, he took the large task upon himself to teach me things. Namely, how to drive a manual car and how to golf. I warned him, there was a good chance that should this go poorly, we may end up not speaking over our anniversary dinner, but his ambition got the best of him and he decided he wanted to teach.

I'm happy to report, not only did we not fight, but I successfully drove his manual car home (after reliving my 16th year of life by driving a car around a high school parking lot for an hour) and then was able to successfully make contact w/ and hit about 50% of the golf balls I swung at - which he promised wasn't bad for my first time. (I also kind of teared up a little bit when I wasn't making contact. He was extremely patient and helped me through my frustration - although I was asked to remove my sunglasses so he could stop me before I cried upon next swing of frustration).

We ended the day going to a wonderfully romantic and delicious dinner and a movie. While I loved the getting dressed up and going to a fancy dinner part, this anniversary reminded me of why I love him so much. I can spend a whole day with him, doing nothing extraordinary and have the best day ever. He makes the mundane, exciting. The ordinary, extraordinary. I love doing everything and nothing with him. And that's how I know I'm ready to keep him around for quite a few more 365's.

Happy Anniversary Bug - it's been a good 365.

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