Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Love your heart.

That's the quote on the office exercise calendar. Here's how it works. Everyone has their own stickers (mine are Popsicles - which I find funny, since it's an exercise calendar, I didn't pick them out, but I do love them). If you exercise you get to put a sticker on the calendar for that day. At the end of the week, whoever has the most stickers for the week wins. The winner doesn't owe money and the rest of the people owe $1. Then at the end of the month, whoever won the most weeks, gets the whole pot!

It turns out that, at least in my case, being able to put a sticker on a calendar works as well for exercise as an adult as it did going potty on the potty when I was a kid. I LOVE putting a sticker on the calendar. Even better - I love when I get in my exercise before work and as soon as I get in the office, get to put a sticker on the calendar.

The first couple months, I wasn't taking it super seriously and more often than not, ended up paying the dollar. However, the last month, I've been kicking sticker butt. My Popsicles are totally taking over the calendar. More than the kitties, or the dogs, or the stars, skulls or ladybugs! I tied the 2nd week of the month and WON the 3rd & 4th! (honestly - had it not been in an office setting, I probably would've done a little dance for winning!)

I'm waiting out the rest of this week to see if I can win the whole month and so far - it's looking good! This has worked so well that I've started adding stars to the calendar at home - just another place for me to put a "sticker" on the day I exercised!

Turns out, it works like a charm! Well, that and the fact that I'm broke as a joke and could TOTALLY use the extra $30-$40 this month! And I'll tell you what, if I do win? You can bet your sweet ass that money is going towards something I can put on my recently exercised body and not towards bills!

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