Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ignorance is bliss (maybe).

I was thinking to myself tonight on my drive home about the recent tone of life. Not just mine, but mine and those around me. Thinking about how lately it seems like life is kind of reminiscent of when you have an itch but no matter where you scratch, the itch is still there. (Bear with me...I have point).

Everyone has a friend/family member/neighbor who has lost their job, foreclosed on their house, can't find work, or in some way has had their life greatly altered due to the current status of the world around us. There's a certain gloomy cloud that seems to be looming around and while there's talk of hope of change (and I do believe there is) it just doesn't seem to be happening fast enough or measurable enough to change the current mood.

I take pride in living in a country where the government can be open with their people. That they can admit mistakes have been made and acknowledge their efforts to develop and enact a solution. While it plays its role in causing the feeling of gloom and doom, knowing a problem exists, has been acknowledged and is being worked on, does provide a sense of comfort in that, as most bad things, it won't last forever.

Here's where the ignorance comes in. I can't help but feel as though (Carrie Bradshaw moment) back in the day when all this crazy ruckus was going on that got us into this mess, I didn't feel this gloomy stress. I didn't notice as much fear/unease in the lives around me and in my own. It seems as though it wasn't until the shit hit the fan, circled around a few times (building momentum) and FLUNG back down on us that we realized how bad it really was. I had no idea said ruckus was taking place...and feel like I might have been a bit happier? Is ignorance bliss?

I mean, realistically, I've seen my fair share of the economy and the toll it takes on people and families, my own included. But, when put in perspective, live is still pretty great. I wake up each morning to wet-nosed puppy kisses, take a walk through a nice, safe neighborhood, go to a job where I get paid to do work I enjoy. I spend my free time with a wonderfully loving supporting cast made up of the best family, friends and boyfriend a girl could ask for. I have my health and my entire supporting cast is healthy as well. There's some negative, some really negative things. But I've still got a lot of really great things in my life. I've learned some great lessons from this. My family has shown me that no matter what situation, love and support of each other really can pull you through it.

So all in all, I haven't been that affected by all this hoo ha going on...but every now and then I do get that feeling of gloom and doom...which again, brings me to my it better to not know? Would not hearing about it on the news every morning, from co-workers every day and on the radio each night on my drive home help? Would I feel less gloomy?

Probably not - but reminding myself of the good, the intangible and the things that survive the gloom certainly does.

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