Monday, August 3, 2009

Time flies.

It's true...this summer, and this year for that matter, have literally FLOWN by. I can't believe it's already August! The end of my summer is going to be far more eventful and action packed than the first half, which I both cringe a little at and look forward too. I know it is full of fun stuff I can't wait to do - but at the same time, I know that means it's going to go by even faster than the first half (which I just don't even think is possible!)

I'm pretty excited that I actually have what I think is reasonable to refer to as a "wedding season" this year. I love, love, LOVE weddings and have only been to a very small handful in my life. So I'm really excited to have a wedding a month for the next three months! They're all nicely spread out (first weekend of each Aug, Sept, & Oct). Looking very much forward to that "season".

Plus - I get to head up to MPLS for a bachelorette party for the lovely Sae and planned by the wonderful Sukie. Can't wait for that - plus I'm flying up to the cities so I don't even have to have that little bit of dread about driving! Hooray!

Also - I get to meet part of the BF's family that I haven't yet. The last Aunt / Uncle / Cousins set to his paternal side. He's a godfather now and they're coming into town for a baptism - and his godson is SUPER adorable (and also named Jack) so I'm also looking forward to that!

And of course all the little odds and ends, end of summer softball. Last few nights out in the warm sun and long sunsets. Sneaking in those last few Summer Shandy's before Leinie's pulls them off the shelves. Getting in as much seedless red watermelon and corn on the cob as I can while it's still "in season". Enjoying patio drinking and balcony conversations. Spending Sundays at my parents w/ Bocce ball and pool time.

I greatly look forward to fall, as it is my all time favorite season, but I'll be sad to see summer go, it happened so quickly!

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