Monday, August 10, 2009

The little tie on the English Muffins.

That's what I'm writing about today - but trust me, it's far more interesting than it sounds!

So - it's day 5 and let me tell you - I was right on the money about day 2. It's almost like exactly 24 hours post break-up things started to clear up in my mind. I started getting a better grasp of what I need to do. A better idea of what needs to happen. I just got some great clarity...and without a single doubt in my mind, it comes from the amazing friends & family I have who made sure I didn't go one single second without knowing how great I am and how much they'll be here for me. They're great and they pulled me through it even though I didn't want to.

I have decided to focus on whatever is positive right now and to do my best to make life as happy as possible even with the current state of the union. (the "state" being broken up and the "union" being my relationship, in this instance).

First let me preface the story by saying two things. One - I've been told I have a lot of pet peeves. Turns out they're not really pet peeves - I'm just a little bit of a control freak who definitely knows how she likes things and is not a huge fan of change. I fully believe those characteristics were really allowed to flourish when I spent 2 years living by myself and in those 2 years got very comfortable with my routine & how things went around my house.

Two - Obviously I miss the BF lots and lots. And of course - I still believe there's a chance that given the right circumstances and both of us in the right place - it could work (so keep your "He's a total dickwad comments at hand...ya know, in case it doesn't go that way :)..kidding...kind of). So by no means am I saying that the following story means I'm totally over him and so much happier w/ life now - it's just a tiny little thing that brought a smile to my face this morning - and right now, I'm taking all the tiny little things I can get.

We ate English Muffins A LOT. I made myself one every morning and more often than not - he made little English muffin pizzas as a snack when he got home from work. Call me crazy, but I prefer to utilize the tiny, little plastic piece you get when you buy the muffins. The tiny, plastic piece that keeps the English muffins fresh and the icky smell of the refrigerator out. (Come on - no matter how much I clean out my fridge, the icky smell sometimes happens...even with Baking Soda!). You know which plastic piece right? The one that takes all of 5 seconds to PUT BACK ON THE DAMN MUFFINS WHEN YOU'RE DONE TAKING ONE OUT?!?!??!!??!

Well, this morning, as I opened up a new pack of English Muffins, the plastic piece came off, and the plastic piece went back on. And I smiled a bit, knowing that tomorrow morning? It will still be on :)

It's the little things people, the little things.

Oh - and I had a massive dance party while I was getting ready this morning, the music was very loud and the only one to seem upset about it was the little monkey (my dog) who doesn't count because she gets to stay home and sleep all day anyways.

Now come on, after this story, am I really that hard to please?! :)

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