Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Grow up.

I realized two things this weekend, I'm too old for this shit and I need to grow up! I know, slightly contradictory, I will explain.

This past weekend was the Bachelorette party for the future Mrs. Choih-Faue (just love that last name). We gathered up at a beautiful condo about 3 hours north of the Twin Cities (more or less depending on how lost you got). The greater majority of my good female friends from MN were there (spare a few special ones) so I was really excited to spend an entire weekend with them, kick back and relax. We got up there around dinner time on Friday night and turns out the rest of the attendees got there around 1:00 p.m. and drinking commenced at that time. So - never liking to start the night behind, I mixed a drink and started in on the evening. Let it be said, I rarely get DRUNK. I drink, but very little, and usually just wine or beer. So when I decided I'd be drinking vodka for the night...well actually I'm quite certain that was the only thought. I'm drinking vodka for the night.

With very little exaggeration, I may have had 5 drinks. They were stiff drinks and definitely drinks with more booze than mixer in them, but I had 5 drinks total. Not only was I the 2nd one to bed (and by, "to bed" I mean, I hit my proverbial wall and decided it was time for passing out), I also puked the next morning...because in my age, I'm less able to drink, not even copious amounts, but amounts, without being hungover as hell the next day.

Oh, and in said hangover, I'm always 95% sure I am going to die and 100% sure I'll never let a drop of alcohol hit my lips again. I'm the BIGGEST baby ever when I'm hungover, and if I get sick - forget it, run, as fast as you can in the opposite direction because I am about to become the most obnoxiously annoying person you've ever met. Oh, and I get stupid. Like can't function through normal daily tasks stupid. (This usually hits on day 2 of the hangover, because why wouldn't they last for 2 days. And Rebecca can totally attest to this as I struggled trying to check into my flight. Seriously - you'd think I was a foreign exchange student (complete w/ lack of showering and a bra -this would be a normal daily task I completely forgot about) using an airport for the first time).

So anyways - after the super sweet quality time I spent w/ the toilet, I postponed joining the rest of the ladies on the boat for an hour or two and did a little nappy time. Ate 7 tortilla chips and basically a shot of sprite (didn't want to over do it, I tend to get over zealous when I think I feel better and then end up ralphing 3 glasses of water, right back up!).

However, Saturday there was NO drinking. I didn't drink before the boat. I didn't drink on the boat, after the boat, with dinner, at the bar after dinner. I just did NOT drink again. Though I did have to keep reminding people that it's okay, I'm really fun when I'm sober! (Which I believe I proved Saturday night when I was "pretend drinking" - diet coke w/ a lime in the same glass the drinks came in - and was still a GREAT time).

Wow - this post got a lot longer than I was anticipating - I'll leave it at that for today. I'll leave it at the "I'm too old for this shit" part and I'll do the "grow the eff up" part tomorrow.

(side note: I had a GREAT time and was thrilled Sunday morning for not feeling like butt and was able to get up with enough time to have lunch w/ Rebecca! And I still did have a really good time on Saturday night - however, turns out dancing is NOT as easy when you're just pretend drinking. Pretend drinking = sober Angie dance moves, which we all know are no where near as hot as my drunk Angie moves.)

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