Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Blog, damn it.

I received the subject of this blog as a tweet today. And I do apologize to my loyal fans for the lack of posts - I promise, I don't intentionally leave big gaps between posts so I can wait for you to beg for posts so I know you're actually reading it...okay maybe I do a little (joking...but not really).

Friday - the ex-BF and I had an absolutely wonderful (second) first date. Our original goal was to be friends in the mean time of working on what needed to be worked on. Turns out it's much easier said than done to go from living together and talking marriage to just hanging out w/ your buddy. So we talked, and then we talked a little more, and then to change things up, we talked some more. Believe me, we've talked a buttload. And we decided we're just going to take things a little bit lighter and slower while things are being worked on. But rest assured, things are being worked on, I'm very happy with the decision made, and greatly enjoying what we've accomplished in a week and look forward to seeing the progress this time makes in our relationship.

So there's that.

Then this weekend, I'll be heading to MPLS for the bachelorette party of my very good friend Sae. I'm super excited to see some of my favorite lady pals this weekend and spend some quality time w/ them - sans boys. While we're doing girlie things at a relaxing cabin on the lake a few hours north of the twin cities, her fiance (and another great friend of mine) Jeremy will be taking his bachelor buddies in an RV down to Nashville. They have growing beards for the last month in preparation for the trip. I assure you three things:

1)they will be FAR more wild than we are
2) we are all very happy point #1 is true
3) I could NOT hang w/ that RV party for an entire weekend.

That's all for now - I can't think of anything else to write about now - I'll post something super fun and exciting tomorrow from work.

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