Monday, August 31, 2009

Already old.

Apparently, I am already old enough (or at least act like I'm 90) because I totally forgot where I was going w/ my train of thought from the last post. Ironic, right? Seems I should NOT do the 2 part posts unless I write down part 2 after posting part 1.

So how about something totally different. Like this! I know that people are all "oh it's so COLD outside" and "I'm SO not ready for summer to be over"...but secretly, I'm so damn excited for Fall I can hardly contain myself. I can't wait to bust out lightweight sweaters and sweatshirts w/ capris. I love the weather where it's just brisk enough that you need long sleeves but not too cold that you can't still get away with flip flops.

This morning felt like fall. When my alarm went off there was a cool crispness to the air in the bedroom. I cuddled under the covers and hit snooze and just relished in the fall air. When I walked out to the car, dew had covered the windows! And on my walk into work today, it smelled like fall. That's my favorite. I LOVE the way the air smells when seasons change. I've been smelling bonfires in the air. Spring smells like fresh cut grass. Summer is all coconutty and sun screen smelling. And winter smells like freezing.

I realized this morning - I'm a big fan of seasons changing. I love when we get a new one. Blame it on my mild ADD.

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