Friday, July 10, 2009

omg. wtf. fml.

All applicable.

OMG. It's 5:15 p.m. on Friday. The person I'm working with is located in our Phoenix office and just said "I know you're ahead of us, but I have a chiropractor appointment and I'll be back in an hour. I mean it's only 3:00 here, you don't mind working late do you?" While I'd rather get this shiz done now and not be totally losing my mind, ripping out all my hair, and hitting the fetal position on the ground Monday Morning (you know, 'cuz these are new co-workers and I'm just not ready to go bat shit crazy in front of them...yet), I still am not ecstatic about still being here. Did I mention I was here at 8:00 for a conference call (I'm aware there are plenty people who start their days WAY earlier than that, but if you've ever been around when I wake up in the morning, you know I am not one of "those" people and I do NOT start my day earlier than that, at least not happily I don't). Plus me staying late means I don't get to work out w/ Double T (Trainer Tyler) today which I was actually really looking forward to.

WTF. I was hoping to get out of here a little earlier today given that the only time slots that I'll actually have a "weekend" this weekend is between quittin' time today and 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. When I'll be up at the butt crack of dawn to pack my car full of teenage girls, travel 2 hours with them, only to spend the next 48 hours with them and about 200 other screaming girls at Cheer Camp.*

Which leads me to (what I believe will be a non-attested) FML.

*I'm looking forward to bringing the girls to camp - I know once I'm there it won't be so bad, it's just gearing myself up for it is a bit much. Especially because after this week and today - I'm exhausted and kind of feel like I'm getting sick. Boo. But it is fun to see them progress throughout camp, it's the first big thing they do together as a squad - at at least this year we're staying somewhere w/ Air Conditioning, which I'm all for.

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