Tuesday, June 23, 2009


This week Summerfest starts here in Milwaukee. It's the World's Largest Music Festival and one of my all time favorite events. There's 11 stages set on a large park on the lakefront in Milwaukee. There's every genre of music you can think of, a wide array of food choices and the beer flows freely from noon to midnight and best of all - you've never seen people watching like you do at Summerfest.

I've grown fond of describing it like this...Imagine the best party you've ever been to...now imagine that there's a million people there, and the music you're listening to is live. It's pretty great. I have to say - I'm not sure if it's the fact that it just snuck up on me this year or that I'm getting old but I haven't really gotten excited about it. I'm sure once it's here my feelings will grow stronger.

See the thing is, I have done Summerfest. I've done enough Summerfest in my past 25 years that I could probably not go for the next 10 and STILL have been there more than most. Since I was 6 months old, I have actually not missed a year of Summerfest. Been a least one day for the last 25 years. There was a stint between high school and early college where I didn't miss a day for 3 whole years (at an 11 day festival, that's over a months worth of music festing in 3 years). I have some incredible memories that will never be lost from that park during those 11 days. I've seen some of my favorite bands, found new favorite bands and listened to a whole lot of other ones in between.

Two of my best friends from MN have made a tradition of coming down to Summerfest every year for the past 6 years. I can't believe it's gone on that long. Boyfriends have come and gone during that time. We've gotten married, moved, grown up and no matter what happens - we still have Summerfest. It's a great tradition that I'm incredibly happy still carries on. And they'll be down for the 2nd weekend of the festival.

So for those of you in the Milwaukee area - make sure you go. And for those of you not in the Milwaukee area? Plan your trip now for Summerfest next year - you won't be sorry. It's definitely something everyone should experience at one point in their life.

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