Friday, June 12, 2009


I know, I'm totally struggling at blogging lately. Turns out a job where there's a lot of work to do, allows for very little time to do things like "research" on facebook, update blogs, and obsessively check twitter. I'll get by, I just don't know how my loyal fans will fare.

Today's post will be in bullet form - quick update on a few things going on.
  • I bought the nike+. I'm a total sucker for toys like this that will make me more motivated to do things I hate. And while I've walked almost 10 miles in a week since I got it, I've also ran about 400 meters. I'm VERY well aware of what a little distance this is - but if you knew how much I prefer not running to running - you'd be amazed that I did that. Turns out, the nike+ works for me. Oh, and Lance Armstrong congratulated me on my longest workout yet the other day. Nice.
  • I also bought a water bottle that has a little ring on it that you click each time you drink a bottle full. 1-5. I only made it up to 5 one day but I'm always at least at 3 by the end of the day. If you knew how much I prefer Diet Coke to water - you'd be amazed by that.
  • There's possibly a mouse in my silverware drawer...or someone is dropping off little brown speckles that look eerily like mouse poop. I don't want to kill it though - but I don't want to run into it live. I've deemed this a "man job". The BF will be taking care of Ralph. (I name any mouse Ralph after the Mouse and the Motorcycle).
  • If did run into my mouse, and he WAS riding a motorcycle, I'd be MUCH more likely to let him dwell in my silverware drawer. I'd probably even make him a little garage for his bike.
  • A VERY good friend of mine is marrying another VERY good friend of mine this October. She has asked me to be her personal attendant in the wedding - I am VERY honored and really excited about it. Even cuter - she sent a card to ask me, totally didn't see it come and am completely flattered to be asked to be a part of their big day.
  • I wrote my first Proposal today at work - I had no idea what I was doing, it was a HUGE undertaking and I had NO training or help from my boss, as she was out of the office all day. I think I did a really decent job for having never worked on one before - I arrived and felt TOTALLY overwhelmed, and left feeling really proud of my accomplishment. I like when work makes me feel that way. Hoping for more days like that.
  • As of next week - I will be training at a Ju-jitsu gym w/ my trainer. I'm pretty stoked to bring my bitching & whining ass into a gym full of Mixed Martial Arts black belts who are trained in discipline and strictly regimented work outs. I know they're going to love me throwing a fit (seriously a fit, I even did a little fit throwing dance last week) about having to do squats w/ the 35's.
That's about it for this week. Oh - one more thing - the BF just got a new lap top. We're both sitting in bed at 10:30 on a Friday night playing on our respective lap tops. Couldn't be happier :) (He also doesn't check this blog because the thinks I use it to complain / vent about him (which I totally don't) but I'm pretty sure he's peeked a couple times while I wrote this next to him).

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