Monday, June 22, 2009

Random Things

I know that it's already obvious that when I feel guilty about not blogging I do random bullets to recap what's been going on.

I'm feeling guilty - bring on the bullets.
  • the BF just informed me there's a flower that blooms once every 3,000 years. No he's not a font of random information - he just loves
  • I'm feeling REALLY confident at the new job lately - I've been put in charge of some really big projects that I never thought I'd see this early on (like a $600M Solar Farm in Phoenix - no big thing) and my boss has let me know that I've done a really good job on it. I've worked some extra hours here and there to get the job done (including one hour on Saturday in my swimsuit from my parent's pool) but it feels really great to be working on such important things. And even greater that the Bosslady feels I'm capable. They're pretty trusting & confident in a Temp, I'll tell ya that much!
  • I feel like Summer is already flying by. Scheduling always stresses me out this time of year - once you start looking at the calendar you realize half the summer weekends are already filled with things. And while I greatly enjoy being busy during this time of year - I feel like it's going to be over before you know it!
  • Turns out on top of a broken leg, 2 rounds of staples, a ripped open surgery incision, and a pretty bad scratch to her cornea, my dog also has extra eyelashes, which I've been told shouldn't be a big problem...but possibly could be later on. Really? A problem? If you ask me, the dog lucked out - I've spent probably hundreds of dollars at this point on products that make it look like I've got a few extra lashes.
That'll do for now - you're pretty well caught up!

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