Friday, June 19, 2009

Oh. em. gee.

So - apparently next time I'm going to blog about NOT crossing anything off the list - I should actually recheck the list and see if I have in fact done something on said list!

I painted...Okay, my dad came over and painted my downstairs bathroom (after taking a vote of my parents, BF & myself as to whether or not I was capable of doing that on my own - Results: Mom was the only one who thought I could do it - she probably has to..ya know, 'cuz she's my mom). The color is called Corn Husk Green but it's much lighter than any corn husk I've ever seen. I love the color, the bathroom looks MUCH larger after painting it. AND, it's officially step 1 in getting my house market ready.

I'm also considering swapping "get new job" for "get broker's license" because quite frankly I NEVER in a million years thought I'd be working a new job, which therefore makes it far more impressive than the other to me. So I may switch that up and then I'll have another thing to cross off (though I'm against it in all other instances - except last year when I had "go to a movie alone" and then instead "navigated the public transportation in downtown Chicago alone" but again, far more impressive and MUCH less expected).

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