Monday, June 15, 2009

No secret.

I am a few days early on this blog - but lately I've got to blog when I've got the time and while I'm thinking of this - I wanted to get it on the blog.

It's really no secret that I love my boyfriend. Anyone who has seen me talk about him has totally witnessed the ridiculously giddy smile I get while my voice gets all fluttery and excited. And heaven forbid you've actually witnessed me around him. On numerous occasions we've walked out of rooms admitting that had we been a witness to our actions - we would've thrown up out of the ridiculous amounts of cute that just went on.

I am ridiculously, crazy, head over heels, like I never thought I'd ever be in love with him (go ahead, clean up your puke and then I'll continue). On Wednesday it will have been 9 months since our very first conversation. For those of you not in the know, we met on I was spending the day at a conference for work (a conference on concrete - so I was bored enough that I didn't care if anyone saw that I was cruising, and we spent some of the afternoon sending e-mails back and forth. Also - for those not in the know - on you can "wink" at someone to show you're interested. I winked at him (which was what I did to guys I thought were a little too hot to be considered "in my league" and then if I got something back form them I'd woo them with my wit). Anyways - my standard rule was, I wink, you message back. I was totally against them throwing the ball back in my court w/ the wink back. He TOTALLY winked back. (total cop out move - but for some reason I forgave him and sent him an e-mail - which did include some shit talking about winking back).

Okay - so without going into the whole story - we first spoke on the 17th of September. 9 months ago today - I had no idea my best friend, other half & person I want to spend the rest of my life with even existed. Got me thinking about how crazy life is - I thought I was going to a conference on concrete, would be bored all day and the highlight would be the possibility of getting free pens and/or having a decently delicious catered meal. I had absolutely NO idea that 9 months from that date, I'd be lying next to one of the most incredible men and wonderful people I'd ever known. I had no idea that in that one random Wednesday - I would complete the one part of my life I felt was missing. I had no idea that day would be the start to some of the happiest days of my life.

Crazy. Crazy but totally kick ass awesome. Cest la vie!

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