Friday, June 26, 2009

16 & Pregnant...and very stupid.

So...I finish my wogging (walk/jog) and I'm sitting in my room on my computer and turn on the t.v. and the show "16 and Pregnant" is on. This was too much not to blog about. Here's why:

1. the mom of the knocked up 17 year old daughter calls her boyfriend a "inbred piece of shit"

2. after a huge fight about not having money, he goes out and buys a $500 PS3, and when his 7 months pregnant girlfriend gets upset about having "no money in the bank" he responds by saying "Yeah, we have $5" (which, in case anyone reading this is planning on having a baby of their own and DOESN'T already know, I'm pretty sure isn't enough to raise a baby - not positive, just guessing).

3. after this, he decides he's going to propose and goes where all good boys do to get an engagement ring...WAL-MART. Let that sink in for a second before I tell you the second part or you'll piss your pants with this second part.

4. he buys a ring...a pink heart shaped quartz ring...for $21.40. And then asks about the return policy "In case something goes wrong" (Buddy, with that ring, it never should've been anywhere near right).

5. He proposes to her and after she says "yes" he says "I mean I'm going to ask your dad before we ACTUALLY get married" because that's the way that's supposed to go. (Clearly this guy is unaware of how the process of these kinds of things actually goes).

6. To take the cake (after I couldn't possibly believe this couple could do anything to make me feel more shock & awe for their stupidity) they named their baby Leah Leann. Really? You read through all those baby name books and you couldn't think of a middle name any more different than the second?

7. Then the chick sports a white t-shirt w/ an iron-on transfer picture of the baby.

Wow. Just wow. Absolutely incredible. I'm shocked these two were even able to figure out how to have a baby.

And to add on to this post (the theme of which is stupidity if you haven't figured it out), last night while watching the fireworks, from the marina, about a mile from where they were being shot off, the incredibly DUMB girl at the table next to us (and is not from WI) made the following astute observation (and then decided it was astute enough to share), "Where I'm from, our fireworks are a lot closer".'s because we're in Milwaukee that these fireworks are so far away (not because you're watching them from a mile away).

She must have a hard time w/ life on a daily basis.

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