Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hey isn't Milwaukee an Indian name?

In fact , it's pronounced "mill-e-wah-que" which is Algonquin for "the good land."

Though not true, that's always one of my favorite movie quotes. I absolutely LOVE when Milwaukee is referenced in movies or on TV.

"Bark twice if you're in Milwaukee." -Anchorman
Ben & Matt being exiled somewhere worse than hell....Wisconsin. - Dogma
Colin heads to a "fantastic place called Wisconsin" - Love Actually
Jack hailed from Chippewa Falls in possibly one of my most beloved movies of all time, Titanic.

I get all mushy when I hear Wisconsin or more specifically Milwaukee. Regardless of other wonderful cities I've visited and/or lived in, I still have crazy amounts of love & pride for my good ol' hometown. And I'm not alone. People from here really do love their city. We're damn proud of Milwaukee and will stand up to anyone who has harsh words to say (see EVERY Cubs/Brewers game in history).

Sometimes I feel as though even with all my pride for my city I am not taking full advantage of all things she's got to offer me. Thanks to the wonder that is Twitter (so damn obsessed), I've found some great blogs to follow (one of the best being Between the Bars) that are helping open my eyes to all things Milwaukee and lead me in the right direction to really delve in deep this summer. I'm ready to take full advantage of her. (And if you know Milwaukee, you know she likes it that way).

So I'm making a list of things I want to get done this summer to really enjoy all this great city has to offer. I'm falling back in love w/ Milwaukee, and am pretty excited about it .

P.S. On a slightly unrelated side note - who am I to be making MORE lists when you'll notice that list to the left of this post has NOTHING crossed off. That's right the list that has things from last year's list due to lack of completion? the list that I now only have 8 more months to finish? the list that I made with the intention of ACTUALLY completing this year...here in lies the problem...I love making lists, and only slightly enjoy completed said lists.

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