Friday, April 17, 2009

Real Love.

I have to give credit for this post to Annie over at her blog Hootenannie. She sent me to this article which was so perfectly what I needed to read today. Like Annie said it serves as a reminder that love isn't how we sometimes picture it. It's messier, quieter and deeper. It's very simple to get caught up in what love is "supposed to be" and what is "supposed to happen" when you're in love. How he acts, what he says, what you wear, where you go. It's so incredibly easy to get wrapped up in the things that really have no place or importance in the realm of real, true, love. It's totally messy. It's complicated. It gets tested on an all too frequent basis.

By no means am I discrediting or wishing the nonexistence of the beginning part. The rainbows & puppy dogs part. The part where there is always a big sunny sky over the two of you and you can't possibly imagine anything ever changing it. That is a damn good part, and definitely one that should happen. It has too. It where you turn to when things become real. When the gritty stuff happens, you need to look back to that sunny blue sky time.

But at the same rate...that gritty, gnarly, rough patch...that has to happen too. It's where you realize it's real. Life will never be all rainbows, butterflies & puppy dogs. Sad things happen and sometimes even bad things happen. And if you've got a love that can make it through that part, it's real enough to last. True enough to stay. And that's what we really need. After all, I'm quite convinced this world wasn't meant to be traveled alone.

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  1. when you write a blog like that you need to tell me the back story, because the wondering is almost unbearable.