Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Our Monthiversary

We had accidentally forgotten how to count during the month of February and thought we had been dating for 6 months on the 26th of that month. Which is even more ridiculous because we had already had discussions about how cool it was going to be that we'd be in AZ to celebrate 6 whole months....so we're a little special.

Anyways...depending on who you are and what you're relationship history book looks like 6 months may or may not be impressive. And that's okay too...prior to me, the BF was in a 6 YEAR relationship...SIX YEARS. I'm trying to think of anything I've done for six years straight and I'm not even sure that exists (besides the same things everyone else has in that list, like breathing, eating & being a live). Needless to say I was more impressed w/ 6 months, though he agreed it's still quite awesome.

The past 6 months have gone by REALLY fast when I think about it but at the same time, feels like it was FOREVER ago that I met him and first started talking to him. But I find that's the case with most good things. Seems like they've always been there, but time flies w/ 'em.

So, to celebrate our big monthiversary we had planned on going out to dinner together and since I've recently both been introduced to and fell in love with Japanese restaurants, we figured we'd do that. During the day we went shopping in Old Scottsdale which was nice. Went and bought cupcakes at Sprinkles for after dinner. It was revealed to me at this point, when I asked where he thought we should go to dinner that the plans had been made and that I needed to be ready by 6:30.

You should know this about me...I don't do well with surprises. I can't stand not knowing and I am pretty obnoxious when there's a surprise/gift/unknown by me secret. I'm the worst gift giver of all time and it's a parade worthy occasion to my family when Christmas day rolls around and even one person doesn't know what they're getting from me. People in my life enjoy messing with me on this character flaw and the BF is no exception.

So all I knew was that I needed to be ready at 6:30. Because of this, I dressed nice but also brought sweats...because you never know. And by that I mean, I prefer being in sweatpants to anything else so if there was even a possibility that for a portion of this date I could be in sweatpants I wanted to be prepared.

Turns out, my wonderful man of mine, planned a gondola ride around the lake/river of the Hyatt Resort near where we were staying. It was absolutely GORGEOUS, right at sunset and the most perfect surprise ever. The gondolier (perhaps that's their title?) had an AMAZING voice and serenaded us through the grounds of the resort. I had never been on a gondola ride before and was very pleasantly surprised. It was very sweet idea..he's just that wonderful! And of course, I cried. (that's what I do...I cry - happy, sad, overwhelmed, excited...I cry).

We then went out for Sushi at a great Japanese Sushi/Steakhouse...he had sushi, I had Hibachi Beef...delicious.

Afterwards, I got to put the sweats to good use, we went to go see a movie at the theater by our "house". Saw I love You, Man. It was cute, funny at some parts. Not as hilarious as I was hoping but we still quote lines from it...Slapping the bass. That's really the only line we quote actually. And it's not that funny.

Which brings me full circle...we both think the same un-funny things are funny. There's not anything I'd rather be doing w/ anyone but him...he's definitely my favorite and I can't wait for more monthiversaries....and am even more excited for a real live anniversary. He makes me happy :)

p.s. I tried to add photos to this - to make the post more fun (and make it seem like there's less words - I don't know how to not be wordy!) but Blogger sometimes just hates me and now would be one of those times.

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