Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy B-day BF!

Today was the BF's b-day. He's a whopping 26 today. (Which I like to remind him is closer to 30 than I am). I'm pretty excited to be around to celebrate the birth of someone I consider to be one of the most awesome people to walk this Earth.

I also freaking LOVE celebrating/gift giving w/ those I love. I have to admit (tooting of my own horn coming up!) I'm pretty good at gift giving. People often come to me for ideas and I'm a big fan of coming up w/ unique ideas that people TOTALLY weren't expecting. I get it from my mom.

However, the part I do suck at (because there is a part I suck at) is the keeping of a secret. The minute I think of a good gift idea for someone, I want to tell them. To be fair, I'm the same way with wanting to know. I just hate surprises period. Much happier knowing/sharing them.

So while today is officially the BF's b-day. I've already given him all his gifts/celebratory events :)

About a week ago, I treated him to dinner at Sabor. Which is like Fogo de Chao for my MN followers. Delicious. Seriously if you've never been to a Brazilian Steakhouse, put that chicken you set out for tonight's dinner away and GET YOUR ASS THERE. And if you have a problem with unlimited amounts of 14 different cuts of mean being served to you via a sword until you're busting at the seams with red meat deliciousness, well then I'm not sure we can be friends. (With the exception of Emily - because we were friends before I knew this goodness existed and therefore, she's grandfathered in). Rebecca - this is your Mecca.

Then about 3 days after that, his big present came in the mail. He was home when it got there and I freaked. I left work and took my lunch at home so he could open it IMMEDIATELY. He visited Bahia Brazil right before we met w/ his Grandparents and always talks about the view from his hotel room. I found a picture of the same view, blew it up and had it printed on canvas. Looks kind of like this.It turned out damn cool. He was really surprised that I even heard him talk about (which also proves I DO listen). So I was really excited to catch him off guard - that's my favorite part of gift giving.

I got a few other random gifts...but all were given to him well before his actual b-day. On the day of his birth, we went to the Brewers game. They lost but we had fun. And as an added bonus, Wilco was there guest starring as the racing sausages (yes, we do have racing sausages). Pretty excited about that- we'll be seeing them Wednesday night. Stoked.

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