Wednesday, April 1, 2009

AZ Trip - Part II - Places I Loved in AZ

There were many, MANY places we visited, ate at, and frequented when we were in AZ. Most of them are food places (shocking - I do love food).

First meal we had in AZ was at Dos Gringos. This was a small group, just me, mom & the BF. DELICIOUS meal. More of a party/college kid scene. The patio was FULL of young cool kids drinking on a Saturday afternoon - I fit in very well w/ my Diet Coke. (Hey! I'm not as young as I once was and if I start drinking at 11:00 a.m., you can bet your ass I'll be passed out cold and done for the day by dinner time).

Things I loved about Dos Gringos:
  • their bouncers wear shirts that say "Adult Babysitter"
  • the food - we started with the Mexican Crock Pot - a queso type dip w/ super flavorful pork...absolutely delicious. Mom & I then had these giant deep fried tacos (very healthy) that were so damn good. Christian had 3 different kinds of tacos - the only one I can remember off hand was the crispy fish taco because he couldn't stop about the mango salsa. All in all great meal.
  • Their specials - if it rains, margaritas are $2. AND...on Wednesdays at 9:00 p.m. they tap a keg and it's 25 cent tappers til the keg runs out - great deals if you ask me!
The following day we had lunch at Hooters...I won't go into details about this one aside from the fried pickles were delish, they've got great wings, love their curly fries, and the boys are occupied w/ all the boobies. That's Hooters in a nutshell.

Other great places we visited:
  • Maria, Maria - This restaurant is a collaboration between Carlos Santana (hence the name) and Chef Roberto SantibaƱez. We visited the location at the Tempe Marketplace but they're all over AZ & CA. (again, along w/ Mojo, CA & AZ win!). The food was delicious. I'm a huge wuss when it comes to spice (Seriously, I can handle very little. The mild salsa at both Qdoba & Chipotle pretty much top out my highest level of tolerable spice. The BF says I have hypersensitive taste buds and my bro has told me on numerous occasions to "get my mouth checked out), and the fajitas I had were a bit much for me. So tasty but so painful. Even the BF (who's got mad tolerance for spice) said they were "a little spicy" so you can imagine that I was dying. This also happened to be the dinner we had our parents meet so my red face was only enhanced when his dad (who's Puerto Rican & Argentinian and therefore immune to spice) asked if I was going to be okay because my face was 20 shades of red by the end of the meal. Great food though & fun atmosphere.
  • Kabuki Japanese Grill - went here for our monthiversary dinner. Delicious Japanese Sushi & Steakhouse - also located in the Tempe Marketplace. We had the Yaki Tori & Asparagus Beef for an appetizer. Both delicious. They had some of the most flavorful Miso soup I've ever had. I had the Teryaki Beef which was tender, well seasoned and cooked to perfection. Christian had 6 different kinds of sushi - I can't remember the names of any of them...except I do recall that he also had a Quail Egg Shooter - which made me nearly vom all over the table.
  • Old Town Scottsdale - cute strip of street w/ art galleries, boutiques, souvenir shops, and restaurants. Has a very old west feel to it and definitely attracts the tourists.
  • If you're in Old Town, you definitely need to try Salty Senoritas. They've got a great outdoor patio for consuming one of the margaritas which you can find on their 10 page menu. Seriously their margarita menu has 3x as many pages as their food menu. Food was delicious as well (from what I remember).
  • Sprinkles - I almost didn't include this on this post. I'm going to be entirely honest with you here Blogosphere. Not a day has gone by since I sunk my teeth into that delicious red velvet cupcake that I haven't thought about it. I am usually not a HUGE cupcake person, or even a big sweet tooth person for the most part. I don't crave sweets as much as I do salty foods. But these cupcakes were so damn good that I've craved one every day since. It's a Cupcake shop that started in Beverly Hills and (as apparently all good things do) has made it's way to AZ. It's near Old Town, you can hit it up after some shopping like we did. And - as if they hadn't weaseled their way into my heart enough - they have doggy cupcakes...and everyone knows if you want to win me over, appeal to my puppy. I was pretty upset I couldn't bring them back with me. UPDATE!: After doing some Sprinkles investigating I have found that there is soon to be a Sprinkles location in Minneapolis (Of course!) Congrats, Twin Cities - you've found another way to make me swoon.
This was already probably too much information about food...but for real, they were some great restaurants that deserved some serious props. If you're ever in Phoenix or the surrounding areas, try 'em out. They won't disappoint.

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