Tuesday, April 14, 2009

And I thought I had problems then.

You know how you always look back (of course hindsight being 20/20) and think to yourself "Ha! I thought I was stressed/had problems/things to worry about back then!" I'm feeling that very much so right now. However, these days I feel like I'm in a different situation than before in that I thought I had problems then, know I have things to worry about now, and am CERTAIN I'll have things to stress about in the future.

Because of my immediate tie to the world of high school girls (through coaching cheerleading), I'm often reminded of how LIFE ALTERING and STRESSFUL the world is to a 16 year old girl. I mean, seriously, no date for prom and it's only a month away? Can't find the perfect sparkly purple poofy dress? Mom grounded me and I'm going to miss the game on Friday? It's easy to look back and laugh at what I deemed "problems & stressors" back in those days. And even easier for me to hear my girls talk about these and laugh (reminding them that in a few years, no one cares/remembers). But back in the moment of those issues - they were what fueled my life and caused my world to halt.

I know it's a matter of life that you look back and realize that the problems you had prior to this were never really problems at all. And if you knew when you were 16 that not being able to go to that movie would be NOTHING compared to losing your job, life would probably be easier. However, we don't know that and so in the moment those ARE problems, they do cause stress and they're very real.

This seems to be the first time though that I look back, seeing things easier. Look to the present and see some pretty stressful decisions to be made. Look forward and see babies and marriage. Woah. Do you eventually reach a point where life's just full of grownup stuff that really is stressful, problematic and intense? Or do you always look back and think, "ha, to think I thought I had it hard then?"

(P.S. I'm quite aware that when I'm knee deep in vomit, covered in poop to my elbows, deaf in one ear from the screaming and blind from exhaustion (that IS what happens when you have babies) there is a VERY good chance I'll look back and think "HA!").

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