Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Almost finished "planned" blogs...

...I felt too restricted to follow the plan I had for upcoming I felt like it was a little bit too much vacation blogging...none of my fan base lives in Phoenix so it's not like most of you will ever get to go to these places (except maybe JT as it seems CA & AZ both share in the love of all great food things). So I'm moving probably more random and less organize thoughts.

Which brings me to my post for today. My mom has always said for as long as I can remember that she's always wanted to be described as that "sweet little lady" know, that white haired quiet, kind librarian...or that sweet lady with the soft & proper voice...yeah, us Nikolas women? Not so much. Rarely (if ever) have we been described as "sweet" (unless it was used in the bad ass super awesome kind of sweet). We're just not that kinda gal. Lucky for us, the men in our lives seem to like it that way.

While Mom has always desired to be the prim & proper "sweet lady"...I've just always wanted to come across as one of those "put together" kind of women. You know the type, their outfit is always well thought out, matches perfectly, they've got the ideal jewelery set for every top, bottom & shoe they own. Their hair always falls just perfectly. They wear lipstick. Their calendar does have scratched out events, doodles, or mistakes. They always have on high heels. They are 15 minutes early to everything. They remember the maiden name of that one woman who helped at that random event 10 years ago. Their desk looks nothing like mine does right now. And most likely (this is just a presumption) when picking out their outfit for the day, at no point are they grabbing something off the ground and smelling to see if it's acceptable for use (for the record, I RARELY do this and it's only when I'm on the last straw of laundered pieces in the closet).

I've made some motions towards becoming more like this woman. I do know that there are some things I just will never be and that's makes me, me...right? I'm usually not TERRIBLY on the other end of the spectrum..I'm almost NEVER more than 15 minutes late (sometimes on time even)...I did organize my closet so that all things are hanging and off the ground. I even went through and parted ways with some items that are way too old to be incorporated these days. I have had "clean desk" on my list of things to do at work for the past week (and do intend on getting around to it).

And then there's somethings that will probably always remain the same. I will always use the snooze function on any alarm going off. I will probably always prefer sweatpants to a skirt and flats to heels. I will always forget things. I'm only 25 and I forget TONS of stuff, lord help me when my (little bit of) memory starts failing me. Kids will be what stop me from belching out loud and cursing like a sailor...til then, there seems to be little hope.

So, I'll fix what I can and embrace what I can't. You don't have to describe me as a "lady" or "put together" and Mom has decided instead of sweet and kind...we're fun...that's probably better. So there's that.

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