Wednesday, February 4, 2009

3 wishes.

It seems that as soon as I'm done posting I can always think of 4,323,656 ideas of things to blog about and think, "Totally! I'll blog about that tomorrow" and when tomorrow come, I can't even remember one of those ideas. So I started a list next to my phone at my desk and now whenever a brilliant blogging idea comes to me, I write it down and save it for a rainy day (or any day I need a posting idea).

Today's idea comes from that list. I've got 3 major wishes I keep thinking about over and over and over. In short:

1. I want to move.
2. I want another dog.
3. I want answers.

Don't worry I plan to expand - mostly because I know my MPLS friends will read that and think I'm reconsidering my decision not to make the move from here to there this coming May. I'll cover one wish per day (in an effort to keep up w/ my goals of keeping postings shorter than they have been & than this one already is).

Today's wish...Moving.

1. There's a few things that have been spurring this strong desire I've got to move out of my condo. One, is that right there, I live in a condo. And after getting a copy of the minutes from this past month's meeting (read: gathering of the oldest residents of the neighborhood who have nothing better than to determine which dirt areas are appropriate for planting and which should be left to the landscapers). Apparently the board (made up of the OLDEST of the aforementioned group, and those with the MOST time on their hands), has decided the (perfectly fine & functional) doors we have on the units now are just not good enough and we should have (totally unnecessary and not wanted) small windows on our doors. Quite frankly whether I have a window or not, I don't really give a crap about the door. Except for when said (unnecessary) door will also come with a $710.96 price tag to the owner. I was pretty sure I wanted to write a letter back to the board that went something like this,

"Dear Board,

I like my door and would rather have an additional $710.96 in my checking account than a window on my door.

Thank you.


I should note that I will be sad when I no longer have people mowing my lawn & plowing my driveway after the first 5 flakes of snow have fallen. I'll be begging for a condo come first snow fall I have to shovel...which is why I've also said I'm not leaving my condo until I live with a man who's willing to do said shoveling.

2. I have fallen in love with Wauwatosa. Seriously, cutest damn area ever...they've got the Village, which is an adorable gathering of little shops and's close to the city (closer than I am now at least!)...not TOO far from work...houses are reasonably priced and taxes are cheaper than Shorewood (which is my other town I'm in love with).

3. I want a fenced in back yard. This also touches on dog #2, but even if it was just Bella - there's a short list of things I wouldn't do for a fenced in back yard...moving is NOT on that list.

4. I want to be able to do what I want. I have most freedoms a home owner does in my condo, however, there are still things I can't do. The above referenced board is the "man" in this situation and when it comes to doing things like planting flowers in the front section of dirt, the man is holding me down. And quite frankly, being held down from planting flowers makes me quite sad. There's far more appropriate things I should be held down from than planting flowers. Believe me.

5. While I do love my standby Waukesha eateries (both of which are Mexican places and one of which I visit at least weekly) would be nice to expand my horizons to some new fun restaurants, local pubs (seriously - I can't even tell you what Waukesha has to offer in terms of "corner bars" because I'm too scared to enter half of them), and little shops. (Note: Pick 'n Save doesn't count as a "little shop" right?).

There's more reasons, I'm sure...but this is what I've got so far. And I've already made this blog too long...And I know no matter how many reasons I list for wanting to leave Waukesha for Tosa, Rebecca will come up with 2x more in favor of MPLS and Jessica 3x more for San Fran.

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  1. you can live in my basement for free, eat the GREAT food that John lovingly makes from scratch and hang out with ME, I don't really think you need any more reasons to move to MSP, but there are more if you want them