Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What a good day.

I have a friend who is awesome.  Seriously - without you having to meet her - I can tell you, you're super jealous that you don't have this friend. 

She's that person you know (and envy a little bit) for just doing things.  She goes for it.  No matter what she's doing.  For real - this girl moved to Dusseldorf to work there for 2 years in a lab (doing science-y stuff), danced for a European Football League team (and then competed at a world competition w/ said team), then when she moved back, she followed her dream of living in California & going to med school.  The girl just goes for it.

And thankfully, she blogs all about it.  (So I can vicariously "go for it").  Lately her blogs (whether intentionally or not) have ended with "What a good day."  As I read through posts of her playing on the beach w/ her friends, rock climbing with her roommates who were strangers and now friends, volunteering to teach arts and crafts & snowshoeing/gambling in Reno, I realized, this girl MAKES good days.  

So I'm adopting some of these philosophies.  I need to go for it...more.  Less concern about what might happen, and just DO it.  I need to MAKE good days.  It's so easy to get caught up in the negative, concerned with what didn't happen instead of what did...

I'm making it my goal to try to make each day one in which upon it's ending, I can say to myself, "what a good day."

Thanks JT :)

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  1. I'm so honored.

    I expect that you will have MANY good days to follow. ;)