Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Start, Clean Slate

I really love the start of a new year.  I'm not sure why it is that it takes the new calendar year to spark such desire for change and improvement to the masses, but come 1/1 of any year, we're moved to do so.

I know there's varying feelings on this motion towards progress in ourselves.  Some love it, some loathe it.  Some embrace the "clean slate" while others pessimistically view this as a time to set yourself up for failure.  Wherever you may fall in that spectrum I do think it's refreshing to know that there is a time each year when it's totally acceptable to admit flaws you'd like to improve on, acknowledge things you didn't get accomplished in years before, and make goals to change what you didn't do/say/think in the previous year.

Ever since I was a kid, we as a family would set goals.  It didn't matter what they were but we always set 1, 5 & 10 year goals for ourselves.  So maybe I'm just well versed in goal setting.  I also am a real big fan of lists.  Something about crossing off an item on a list makes me feel incredibly accomplished (even if that item was as as easy peasy as "check e-mail").  

I only wish that there was a way to bottle up the get up and go I am overwhelmed with come the first of the year.  So far so good, I'm eating better...going to the gym...getting to bed somewhat earlier...then again, we're only one full week into the new year!

My overall resolution for 2009 is to try to force myself out of my comfort zone more often.  Ever since moving back to WI after school in MN, I've been very comfortable and rarely stepped outside of what I know and am familiar with.  It doesn't have to be major events...the other day my brother & I went to see Slumdog Millionaire at Downer Theater - a movie I didn't know much about in a theater I've never been to.  Done and done.   I'm also quite positive this uncomfort zone will bring plenty of hilarity and blogworthy stories.

More to come on that front.

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