Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My very first post.

Over the past year or so, I've started reading blogs here and there.  It started with one blog.  I had googled "Alli" to see what people were saying about the then, brand new weight loss pill.  It lead me to someone who was blogging their experience.  Through that blog, I found another...and another...and another.  Then found out a couple of good friends have their own blogs and started reading theirs.  Now I have a steady list, blogs I read when I start my day.  Everyone is writing with a different purpose.  Some to share their experiences, some to stay connected with family & friends, some to promote a new business.  At any rate, they're all blogging and sharing with the world. With me at my desk each morning.  With whoever is interested in hearing what they've got to say.

I've considered the idea for a while now.  At first it was for other people, but then I second guessed whether anything I had to say would be interesting enough for other's to get hooked.  Then, after the fleeting and numbered days of 2008 passed, I realized a few things.  Time really does fly by.  Call it cheesy, cliche, whatever you will, but it goes fast.  And I am always looking forward to what's next...which has led me to somewhat over look the details of life.  I figure blogging can help me remember those little details that shape what ends up being another year of my life.  

The blog itself is based on two things...both, coincidentally, concepts my dad has provided me with (among countless other lessons).  First, it is what it is.  2008 had a lot of rough patches, and I know they were not unique to my family.  As a family business, all working together, we've adopted this as our motto.  It is what it is.   Take things as they come, for what they're worth and figure out how you'll react to it.  

Secondly, one of my favorite quotes he's shared with me, "Reach for the highest, strive for the best, live day to day and to God leave the rest."  It's a thorough, all encompassing quote that I've relied on in all aspects of my life.  Really, the live day to day part is what's influencing this blog.  

Take life for what it is and life it day to day.  It's the best you can do and the most you can hope for.  So among many other goals (to be discussed in later posts, I'm sure), that's the overall goal of this blog.

I'm sure some posts will be funny, some educational, some in the form of a highly anxious rant, and others deeply rooted with emotion.  At any rate, I hope they'll all be interesting and a good recap for me to look back on in 2010.  (yikes!  Really are we that close to being a decade into 2000's??)

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