Thursday, January 29, 2009

Introducing...Miss B.

It's about time the blogging world met Bella. Miss B. Bells. My roommate. The craziest, most entertaining, loyal, loving, BFF, doggie ever. I probably could devote an entire blog to her (most people might find this point ridiculous, but if you've ever met the dog - you might think it's possible). She's almost 3 years old and has the most hilarious personality I've ever seen in a dog. There's tons of stories to prove this and I'm sure I'll share them throughout the course of this blog. The first story is what led me to blog about her today.

Ever since she was an itty bitty, (and at just 2 lbs when I got her, she was an itty bitty), she has collected important treasures under my bed, which is now refered to as "the fort." Anything she's not supposed to have, immediately and rapidly gets taken into the fort. About a week ago, she got her little paws on a paper plate. Usually when she gets anything made of paper she shreds it immediately and then leaves the mess. Once it's in peices, she's over it. However, this plate, she took into the fort. I've taken it from her about 5 times in the past week, and every time she manages to get it back from me and runs it under her fort. Which leads to my question, "What is she building under there that requires a paper plate so strongly?" (I also asked the same question when I noticed she had moved a glass fishbowl into the fort as well).Future stories to be told in detail...the multiple times she's required staples at Doggy Day care for picking fights with dogs who outweigh her by 100 lbs...The time Bella had a hot pink cast...Bella's time in the tub...Learning to swim...Her beloved Kong (a stuffed animal Monkey - not the popular red toy)...and many more.

Best Dog Ever. (And not all that bad of a roommate either!)

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  1. I want a dog. When I get a dog, our dog's can be friends... although I worry that I will get a big dog and Miss B will kick my dog's ass.