Thursday, January 22, 2009


There's lots of things happening around me right's crazy how quickly time passes and how much can happen in just a short time. I'm pretty sure bullets would be most appropriate in this situation.

  • My nephew turned 5 months old today. That kid is growing up so quick I can't imagine how it feels when it's your own baby. He's already eating squash people! So first things first, Happy Birthday Baby Jack! (this is what happens when Dad and Baby Jack are home alone...lots of dressing the baby up in hilarious ways).
  • A good friend of many years has been induced this morning with her first baby! She wasn't due for a couple weeks but it's a good early reminder that once baby comes - your plans aren't the ones that dictate life anymore! She was induced at 8:00 a.m. and now we just sit and wait to hear...she still doesn't know the sex of the baby which amazes me! I'm absolutely TERRIBLE with surprises (my family is still SHOCKED if I'm able to keep Christmas presents a secret until Christmas Day). I just can't imagine carrying around Baby all this time without knowing what's in there! Can't wait to hear though!
  • I coach a high school cheerleading squad and we're traveling to the State Championships this Saturday. The girls have really worked their butts off and seeing the improvement that happens in a few short months is quite amazing. I'm really excited for them, extremely proud of them, and can't wait to see how things end up on Saturday! (That being said - I'm also awaiting my nomination for Sainthood given that traveling to state also includes riding 3 1/2 hours each way on a coach bus filled w/ 14-16 year old high school girls - who happen to have an advance copy of the movie Twilight. Being solely responsible for 15 high school girls for even 48 hours is an incredibly draining thought. Let it be known that come Saturday night, there will be copious amounts of wine in my body).
  • On Tuesday of this week a MANDATORY meeting I had to attend for work included wine and chocolate tasting. You heard Tuesday meeting involved tasting 8 different kinds of wine paired with 16 different chocolate truffles. And, Internet people, I'm not rubbing it in, but I love me some chocolate and wine, but after about the 8th truffle...It did become work...I was forcing down chocolate...and then around the 11th one, my co-worker and I decided we'd get the general idea of the pairing if we just licked out the inside of the chocolates and got the flavor part. Proving - there is too much of a good thing. (However, the good thing in reference here is chocolate - there's always room for more wine - proven by the fact that we did go out for one more glass of wine after the tasting...we just couldn't utter the word chocolate).
  • I'd like to make just one quick shout out here to the people of The Cholive. They made the delicious chocolates we had the pleasure of tasting...they started out making olive shaped chocolate ganache "olives" for sweet & chocolatey martinis...and then entered the chruffle world...they're amazing and you should demand them in all your favorite watering good.

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  1. I love your life. Cute babies, philosophical thoughts, and chocolate (I mean WINE). What could be better? Fantastic blog. "Two thumbs up. Fine holiday fun." (to quote the movie Clueless)