Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Goals in blog writing.

After reading that last post I realize I also have some goals in my blog:

1) Don't use smiley faces.  Seriously if you've ever gotten an e-mail from me, they're LACED with smileys.  So damn annoying, I know.  (especially when the smiley face comes through a friend's e-mail as a "J"...took months for her to figure out why I had randomly thrown the letter J in throughout my entire e-mail!).  (you should know that I'm ACTIVELY not using smiley faces and already in the past 2 posts have deleted quite a few before posting...)

2) Stop writing novels.  I'm a wordy person, this I know.  I'm trying not to write short stories for each post.  Perhaps I'll have to adopt the bullet format in future posts to keep words concise...and to keep readers - no one wants a 7,500 blog post to peruse through in the a.m.

3)  Write like I talk.  I like to think I'm somewhat of an entertaining person when I talk - so I'm aiming to write more like I talk and less how I think people want the words to sound.  Less deep intense, more funny & real.

If you see a 9,000 word vocab & emotion laced e-mail with a buttload of smiley faces - you know I've lost track of my blog goals.

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